The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas

Mary R Haas Award Committee Archive

Douglas R. Parks
(Series Editor/UNB Press Liaison)
†William H. Jacobsen, Jr.
(for †William F. Shipley) (Chair)
Sarah G. Thomason 1997-1998
Keren Rice 1997-1999
†Robert L. Rankin (Chair)1998
Sally McLendon (Chair) 1999-2000
Louanna Furbee 1999-2000
†Karl V. Teeter (Chair) 2000-2001
Anthony C. Woodbury2000-2001
Sarah G. Thomason (Chair) 2001-2002
Paul Kroeber2001-2002
Jane H. Hill (Chair) 2002-2003
Anthony C. Woodbury2002-2003
Aaron Broadwell 2003-2004
Leanne Hinton (Chair) 2003-2004
Paul Kroeber 2003-2004
Pamela Munro (Chair) 2004-2005
David S. Rood (Chair) 2005-2006
Andrew Garrett 2005-2006
Sérgio Meira 2005-2006
Anthony C. Woodbury (Chair) 2006-2007
Lyle Campbell (Chair) 2007-2008
Andrew Garrett 2007-2008
Sarah G. Thomason 2007-2008
Leslie Saxon (Chair) 2009-2010
Carolyn MacKay 2009-2010
Tim Montler 2008-2010
Donna Gerdts (Chair)2013
Karin Michelson2012-2014
David Beck2012-2015
Richard Rhodes (Chair)2014
Patricia Shaw2014-

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