Member Benefits

A SSILA membership comes with many benefits!

  • Tax-deductible dues and donations (for U.S. members)
  • Reduced cost subscription to International Journal of American Linguistics (IJAL)
  • The privilege of presenting at SSILA meetings
  • Your conference presentation materials published on the SSILA website
  • The collegiality of networking with like-minded people
  • Voting power for the SSILA Executive Committee and Nominating Committee members
  • The opportunity to, as a group, assist linguists and speakers working with Indigenous languages of our whole hemisphere through:
    • Recognition awards (Best Student Presentation, Haas, Hale, Golla)
    • Travel support (approximately 5 students / yr.)
  • Access to SSILA conference presentation materials
  • Access to the SSILA Newsletter & Bulletin Archives
  • Timely notice of issues pertinent to the Society through:

Updated: August 16, 2018 — 1:52 pm