Standing Committees

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating members to run for positions on the Executive Committee, namely the Vice President (who later becomes the President, and then Past President) as well as the Members at Large.

Program Committee

  • The Program Committee consists of the voting members of the SSILA Executive Committee plus an additional 3-person committee with rotating membership.
  • Each year 1 person is appointed to the Program Committee by the Executive Committee.
  • The Chair is the person in their 3rd year, who mentors the 2nd-year member. The 2nd-year member becomes Chair the following year.
  • The Program Committee coordinates with the Program Committee Chair in areas such as reviewer assignment, scheduling, and generally managing the reader pool.
  • Together with the voting members of the Executive Committee, the Program Committee reads abstracts and makes decisions about what should be included in the program. It also makes decisions about submissions for organized sessions.
  • The Program Committee Chair assigns abstracts to members of the reader pool, reads abstracts, and with the Program Committee decides on what goes into the program and schedules talks.

Program Committee Members

Award Committees

Best Student Paper Award Committee

Victor Golla Prize Committee

Mary R. Haas Award Committee

Ken Hale Prize Committee

Travel Award Committee


Nominating Commitee Archive

Mizuki Miyashita2018-2020
Jorge Emilio Roses Labrada2017-2019
Mary Linn2016-2018
Brook Lillehaugen2015-2017
Elena Benedicto2014-2016
Jack Martin2013-2015
Colleen Fitzgerald2012-2014
Keren Rice 2011-2013
 Antoine Guillaume2010-2012
 Doris Payne2009-2011
 Juliette Blevins2008-2010
 Yolanda Lastra2007-2009
 Alejandra Vidal2006-2008
 Carolyn J. MacKay2005-2007
 Willem de Reuse2004-2006
 Monica Macaulay2003-2005
 John O’Meara2002-2004
 Karen Dakin2001-2003
 Scott DeLancey2000-2002
 John D. Nichols1999-2001
 Patricia Shaw1998-2000
 Laurel Watkins1997-1999
 Douglas Parks1996-1998
 Karen Booker1995-1997
 Pamela Munro1994-1996
 Lyle Campbell1993-1995
 Leanne Hinton1992-1994
†Eloise Jelinek1991-1993
 Amy Dahlstrom1990-1992
†Lucy T. Briggs1989-1991
†Margaret Langdon1988-1990
†M. Dale Kinkade1987-1989
 Brent Galloway1986-1988
 Don Frantz1985-1987
 Nora C. England1984-1986
 †Robert L. Rankin1983-1985
†William Shipley1982-1984
 Jack DuBois1982-1983
 Richard A. Rhodes1982

Program Committee Archive

Verónica Nercesian2020-2022
Carmen Jany2019-2021
Analía Gutierrez2017-2020
Shannon Bischoff2017-2019
Keren Rice2017-2018
Alice Taff2016-2017
Patricia Shaw2016-2017
Gabriela Pérez Báez2016-2017
Eladio (B'alam) Mateo-Toledo2016-2017
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins2016-2017
Doris Payne 2008
Donna Gerdts (Chair) 2007-2008
Zarina Estrada Fernández2007
Juliette Blevins 2007
Willem de Reuse 2006
Monica Macaulay 2006
Amy Dahlstrom 2005-2007
Lyle Campbell (Chair) 2005-2006
Tony Woodbury2005
Spike Gildea 2005
Leslie Saxon 2004-2007
Victor Golla 2004
Megan Crowhurst 2004
Wallace Chafe 2004
Pam Munro (Chair) 2004

Best Student Presentation Committee Archive

Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins2017-2018
Tania Granadillo2018-2019

Victor Golla Prize Committee Archive

Eladio (B’alam) Mateo-Toledo2017-2018
Patricia Shaw2016-2017
Richard Rhodes2016-2017

Mary R. Haas Award Committee Archive

Alice Taff2018
Gabriela Pérez Báez2016-2017
Patricia Shaw2014-2017
Richard Rhodes (Chair)2014
Donna Gerdts (Chair)2013
David Beck2012-2015
Karin Michelson2012-2014
Leslie Saxon (Chair) 2009-2010
Carolyn MacKay 2009-2010
Tim Montler 2008-2010
Sarah G. Thomason 2007-2008
Andrew Garrett 2007-2008
Lyle Campbell (Chair) 2007-2008
Anthony C. Woodbury (Chair) 2006-2007
Sérgio Meira 2005-2006
Andrew Garrett 2005-2006
David S. Rood (Chair) 2005-2006
Pamela Munro (Chair) 2004-2005
Paul Kroeber 2003-2004
Aaron Broadwell 2003-2004
Leanne Hinton (Chair) 2003-2004
Anthony C. Woodbury2002-2003
Jane H. Hill (Chair) 2002-2003
Paul Kroeber2001-2002
Sarah G. Thomason (Chair) 2001-2002
Anthony C. Woodbury2000-2001
†Karl V. Teeter (Chair) 2000-2001
Louanna Furbee 1999-2000
Sally McLendon (Chair) 1999-2000
†Robert L. Rankin (Chair)1998
Keren Rice 1997-1999
Sarah G. Thomason 1997-1998
†William H. Jacobsen, Jr.
(for †William F. Shipley) (Chair)
Douglas R. Parks
(Series Editor/UNB Press Liaison)

Ken Hale Prize Committee Archive

Keren Rice2016-2018
Alice Taff2016-2017
Eladio (B'alam) Mateo-Toledo2016-2017
Virginia Beavert2008
Anthony Mattina 2008
Leslie Saxon 2008
Zarina Estrada Fernández2008
Donna Gerdts2008

Travel Award Committee Archive

Melvatha Chee2018-2020
Wesley Leonard2017-2019
Eladio (B’alam) Mateo-Toledo2016-2018
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins2016-2017
Gabriela Pérez Báez2016-2017
Patience Epps2014-2015
Richard Rhodes2013
Frank Trechsel 2008-2012
Véronica Velázquez Soto 2008
Harriet E. M. Klein 2006-2008
Juliette Blevins 2005-2007
Stephen Marlett 2005-2007
David Beck 2000-2002
Marianne Mithun 2000-2002
Lourdes de León 1999-2001
Kathryn Josserand 1997-1999
Spike Gildea 1996-1998
Charles A. Hofling 1995-1997
Jill Brody 1995-1996
John Haviland 1994
Harriet E. M. Klein 1993-1995
Robert D. Van Valin 1992-1994
Colette G. Craig 1992-1993
Jill Brody 1992
Collette G. Craig (Acting Chair) 1991
M. Jill Brody 1989-1991
Thomas Smith-Stark 1989-1991
Patricia Kwachka 1989-1991
Terrence Kaufman 1989-1991
Doris L. Payne 1989-1991
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