CFP: 2nd International Conference on Revitalization of Indigenous and Minoritized Languages

Call Deadline: 30-Apr-2019

Date: 01-Oct-2019 – 04-Oct-2019

Location: Location: Brasilia / Distrito Federal, Brazil

Meeting Description

Following the first edition of the Conference (Barcelona, ​​2017), the mission of the Second International Conference on Indigenous and Minorized Languages ​​Revitalization (2018) is to bring together instructors, practitioners, indigenous leaders, academics and students who speak and study these languages. This international conference includes research, pedagogy and practice on the diverse languages ​​and cultures of indigenous and minority populations around the world. This International Conference involves participants in a global dialogue and also serves as a forum for networking and exchange of ideas, experiences and research on issues of language revitalization from interdisciplinary perspectives. In other words, your mission is to exchange different ideas and experiences that will transcend the walls of academia and find space in the broader global community, giving all participants an opportunity to share their multiple ways of being, seeing, knowing and learning.

Call for Papers

The Laboratory of Indigenous Languages and Littertaure of the University of Brasília (LALLI), the Faculdade de Ciências e Letras – UNESP, Câmpus de Araraquara, the Grup d’Estudi de Llengües Amenaçades (GELA) at Universitat de Barcelona, the Federal University of Rondônia-Ji-Paraná, invite proposals for panels, individual papers, roundtable discussions, interactive workshops, poster sessions, and instructional technology showcases to be presented at the Second International Conference on Revitalization of Indigenous and Minoritized Languages.

Successful proposals will clearly indicate the relationship of the presentation to the core conference themes. Presentations should provide an opportunity for conference participants to engage with some of the challenging and fundamental questions at the intersection of theory, research and praxis.

Priority will be given to proposals that address one or more of the following topics:

  • The value of language diversity
    • Interaction of research, theory and practice
    • Monolingualism, bilingualism and multilingualism
  • Education and learning
    • Best practices, methodologies and strategies
    • Pragmatics in teaching and learning languages
    • Ethnographies and narratives of language teaching and learning
    • Ethno-education
    • Distance learning / online courses
    • Assessment
  • Communities of talk, sociocultural and political vision
    • Languages ​​as vehicles for crops
    • Intellectual, cultural and political role of indigenous and minority languages
    • Sociocultural practices and knowledge
    • Dialecology and standardization
    • Sociolinguistics of indigenous and minority languages
  • Power on language / language policies
    • Decolonizing linguistic revitalization Attitudes and linguistic ideologies
    • Decolonizing and globalizing linguistic revitalization
    • Linguistic attitudes and ideologies
    • Language policy and planning from top to bottom and bottom to top
    • Languages ​​and political economy
    • Language regimes and language policies
    • Linguistic and cultural rights

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