Change in SSILA fee structure

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Esteemed SSILA members,

The SSILA Executive Committee has agreed to change the structure of our membership fees as follows:

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017 an annual SSILA membership will be:

  • $60 Regular
  • $40 Under-employed, independent, under-represented, or retired scholars, as well as members of indigenous language communities of the Americas
  • $30 Student

This decision was made in light of the fact that SSILA dues have not changed since 2009, when they were raised from $16 to the current $20 annually for regular members. However, all of our costs have risen in that time, and the society is currently operating at a deficit.

Despite this increase in dues, we hope that you will maintain your membership with SSILA and continue contributing to the important task of better understanding the Indigenous languages of the Americas. It is only thanks to your continued support and membership that SSILA and its regular meetings are possible. Remember that your SSILA membership comes with many benefits as well:

Benefits of a SSILA Membership

  • reduced-cost subscription to the International Journal of American Linguistics (IJAL)
  • the privilege of presentation at SSILA meetings
  • ability to publish your conference presentation materials on the SSILA website for wide distribution
  • access to SSILA conference presentation materials from prior years on the SSILA website
  • timely notice of issues pertinent to the Society through:
  • the ability to run for SSILA office and shape the direction of the Society and of Linguistics as a whole
  • tax-deductible dues and donations (for U.S. members)
  • access to the membership contact list, with information about areas of specialty
  • the opportunity to review conference presentation proposals and contribute to ensuring the quality of SSILA scholarly events
  • the opportunity to contribute towards the advancement of linguistics students by serving as a reviewer of student awards (non-student members only)
  • the opportunity, as a group, to assist linguists working with the Indigenous languages of our entire hemisphere through:
    • recognition awards (Hale, Haas, Golla, Best Student Presentation)
    • travel support (5 students to Austin in 2017)
  • the collegiality of a network of like-minded people

Charitable donations to SSILA (now a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) can be designated for any purpose such as travel support, awards, etc.


To join or renew, go to

My thanks to all of you for your valuable work,

Alice Taff

SSILA President

Updated: February 21, 2019 — 6:02 pm