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Back in July, a new publishing initiative was launched called “EL Publishing” (www.elpublishing.org), by founding editors Peter K. Austin, David Nathan, and Julia Sallabank, which is a free online open access publications platform that will publish a fully blind-refereed journal (Language Documentation and Description), multimedia publications, and a new monograph series, for which they have a 5 year commitment of support from CIPL, the International Committee of Linguists.

The journal, multimedia and monographs will deal with the theory and practice of language documentation, language description, sociolinguistics and language policy, and language revitalisation. They will also be encouraging new and innovative forms of publication in these areas.  All publications are free to download under a CC-BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial) licence and are published at no cost to authors. They will continue to publish in print form at a low cost as well for readers who prefer paper publications or have limited internet access.

The website at www.elpublishing.org contains the latest volume of Language Documentation and Description (LDD 12 — a special issue on documentation and archiving), an app dealing with Khoi-san languages, and the complete back catalogue of LDD volumes 1 to 11.

In this venture, David, Julia and Peter are joined by Consulting Editors Gerrit Dimmendaal, Lenore Grenoble, Jeff Good, and Tony Woodbury, and an international Editorial Advisory Board of leading scholars in endangered languages research.

Have a look at the website and download the papers and app, but even more importantly, please let your colleagues and students know that EL Publishing exists and is an outlet for top quality fully peer reviewed publication of articles, multimedia and monographs. In order to keep the quality of the work we publish at a high level we need as many good submissions as possible, and we rely on our friends and colleagues such as you to help us spread the word.

You can also follow EL Publishing on Facebook (E L Publishing) and Twitter (E_L_Publishing).

If you have any questions about this please get in touch at editors@elpublishing.org for submissions and publishing information or info@elpublishing.org for general enquiries.

(this post is a lightly edited version of an email from Peter Austin to the CELP listserv)

Updated: August 4, 2016 — 4:23 pm