Native American Texts Series available


The Native American Texts Series is a collection of analyzed oral texts from the native languages of the Americas. The series, rare in print, was originally published as IJAL supplements from 1976-1980. In their original format, the texts are now digitized for ease of use. 10 original monographs are are available for download in printable PDF format for your desktop or e-reader.

Available Titles

Mayan Texts I, II, and III; Louanna Furbee (1976, 1979, 1980)
Otomi Parables, Folktales, and Jokes; H. Russell Bernard and Jesús Salinas Pedraza (1976)
Yuman Texts; Margaret Langdon (1976)
Caddoan Texts; Douglas R. Parks (1977)
Northern California Texts; Victor Golla and Shirley Silver (1977)
Northwest Coast Texts; Barry F. Carlson (1977)
Coyote Stories; William Bright (1978)
Crow Texts; Dorothea V. Kaschube (1978)
Northern Iroquoian Texts: Marianne Mithun and Hanni Woodbury (1980)
Coyote Stories II; Martha B. Kendall (1980)

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