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De Reuse’s  Comments:  These are mostly of historical and ethnographic interest, but contain quite a bit of information on Jesuit missionary linguistics and Guarani linguistics. Written in Portuguese.
Dear Readers and Friends of Nhanduti Editora
We are inviting you to to look inside our recent book “História Kaiowa. Das Origenas aos Desafios Contemporâneos”, (History of Kaiowa People. From the Origins to the Contemporary Challenges), by Graciela Chamorro.
Geta  look inside also other books of series “Povos Indígenas” and “Missões Cristãs e Povos Indígenas”:
– Conversão dos Cativos. Povos Indígenas e Missão Jesuítica (Conversion of the Captives. Indigenous Peoples and Jesuit Mission)
– Fronteiras e Identidades. Encontros e Desencontros entre Povos Indígenas e Missões Religiosas (Frontiers and Identities. Encounters and Desencounters between Indigenous Peoples and Religious Missions)
– Missões, Militância Indigenista e Protagonismo Indígena (Missions, Indigenist Millitancy and Idigenous Protagonism)
– Reduções Jesuítico-Guarani. Espaço de diversidade étnica (Jesuit-Guarani Reductions. Space of Etnical Diversity)
– Letra de Índios. Cultura escrita, comunicação e memória indígena nas Reduções do Paraguai (The Handwriting of Indians. Written culture, communication and indigenous memory in the Paraguayan Reductions)

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