Spoken Cree, Level III, by C. Douglas Ellis

The long awaited volume by C. Douglas Ellis of  Spoken Cree III  is now available! 

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Spoken Cree: ê-ililîmonâniwahk is a three-stage course exploring the spoken and written language in the cultural context of a Northern Cree village. Based on the Swampy Cree (N-dialect) and Moose Cree (L-dialect) spoken on the West Coast of James Bay, C. Douglas Ellis’s Spoken Cree has become the authoritative work on the Cree language since the original release of Volume I in 1963. Accompanying audio files, recorded by native speakers, are available free of charge at www.spokencree.org.
Spoken Cree Level III is the final volume, continuing to build on the knowledge of the Cree language established in Spoken Cree Level I and I. 
The Spoken Cree Glossary covers the lexical material for all three levels of Spoken Cree.

Who is C. Douglas Ellis?

C. Douglas Ellis is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at McGill University (Montreal) and currently Adjunct Research Professor in the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University (Ottawa). Since his first contact with Cree-speaking people at Moose Factory in 1947, the Cree language has been one of his major academic preoccupations. He has taught intensive summer courses in Cree for government, medical, teaching, and missionary personnel working in the North, as well as courses at the university level throughout the academic year.

There is a video filmed for the launch of the books that you can view online: www.spokencree.org

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Contact: spokencree@eastcree.org

Updated: June 17, 2016 — 2:29 pm